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Rental market goes from strength to strength - 20/11/12

According to industry experts, the rental sector is increasing in strength as more and more of the younger generation find themselves with little option but to enter the rental market.

In Europe this concept is nothing new as rental remains more common and economically viable than buying a home. However, there is some debate as to whether this is a long-term scenario or just a symptom of the economic downturn.

Many landlords are campaigning for five year tenancies to be more easily accessible. The benefit of this would be meeting the increasing demand from tenants who want something more permanent and secure than a one year contract. Rental is increasingly becoming an option for those wanting to settle down in the long term without the financial stress of a mortgage.

However, for this to be viable landlords must prepare themselves for a shift in the market mindset, creating rental properties that are homes rather than stop gaps for something more permanent.

Article source: ARLA


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